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Behind the Brand: Align & Move

Updated: Feb 17

Align & Move, ran by Mel Hagger from Jamestown, is a massage therapist with a difference.

I met with Mel back in 2022 to hear about her new business adventure. At the time, Mel was working full time at a Toyota dealership, making this transition to work for herself, a big deal! I could tell right away Mel was excited to start this new chapter and take on the challenge.

In the early stages, the plan was to open the massage business named ‘5491 Body Therapy’ (5491 being the postcode area of Jamestown where Mel is based). When looking into the goals Mel had set and the planned growth for the business to include other services and potentially branch out into other regions, we felt that the post-code for the business name, in this case at least, was quite limiting and could mean a possible rebrand in the future to allow her business to grow with her. After some thought, Mel came back with ‘Align & Move’ which I love!

Having previously spent so much time working for a large dealership such as Toyota, Mel understood the importance of branding and what that can really do for a business. We spoke very early on about the different ways she’d like to use her branding such as merch and even having ‘Align & Move’ branded water bottles ready for a client once their massage session was over -  the little touches are what people pay attention to, and Mel got that!

I have visited Mel as a client for several massage sessions to help relive the tension in my neck and shoulders (a common issue with people who spend so much time on a computer) and I can tell you firsthand, she did an excellent job!

During these sessions and talking with Mel, it’s clear she has a lot of ideas for the future of her business. With a passion for her work and love of her clients I am sure that Align & Move will have a very successful future.

You can find Mel on the Main Street of Jamestown, or follow her on socials.

IG @align_and_move

Read more about Mel and her future plans for Align & Move in a chat I had with her, now in the Spotlight on Success post HERE

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