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Behind the Brand: Simply Put by Peta

Have you ever wished for someone to come into your life and help you get organised? Well, that's

exactly what Peta from Simply Put does! As a professional organiser, Peta works with you to bring

order to your life, giving you the gift of time and a sense of calm.

When Peta first approached me, I didn't even know that you could hire someone to help with

organisation. The idea that with just one click, someone could come into your home without

judgment and help your life get back on track is truly incredible!

You may have seen those organising videos on Instagram, with perfectly arranged tubs and

containers in drawers and pantries. They look great, and I've definitely measured my drawers to

see how many clear K-mart tubs I would need. But being tidy and being organised are two

different things.

Peta understands this difference, and she talks about it on her website. To her, being organised

means being able to find any item in her home in less than a minute. Not every area is Pinterest-

worthy, but she knows exactly what's in each drawer every time.

Peta's passion for organisation has led her to create a career helping others in this space. I love

seeing people turn their passion into a business and being able to live it every day. It's what I love

most about brand design.

From the start, Peta was clear about what she wanted for her brand. The colours should be

calming, and she needed icons to represent the key areas of the home she focuses on with her

clients: pantry, office, toy room, laundry, and wardrobe. We also incorporated brand patterns that

combined different geometric shapes in an organised and calming way, reinforcing the overall

feeling of her business brand.

An important aspect of Simply Put by Peta is that the brand doesn't just focus on the service she

offers. It emphasises the feeling you get from working with Peta, the calm, organisation, and time

you gain. This messaging is also reflected in her social media content. Peta doesn't just promote

her services; she engages her clients by asking about their home organisation, how

disorganisation makes them feel, and sharing thoughtful posts, satisfying before and after shots,

and testimonials. Peta focuses on the problem she solves for her clients and executes it in a way

that makes people want to work with her.

Taking her passion and business to the next level, Peta has earned a Level 1 Certificate in Chronic

Disorganisation from the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation. This allows her to support

clients who struggle with chronic disorganisation and hoarding behaviours.

Based in the Mid-North of South Australia, Peta serves the wider area with various packages

available for clients to choose from. Her goal is not just to organise your home for you, but to

provide you with the tools and empower you to take control of your own life.

To learn more about Simply Put by Peta, visit her website [here] or read more in our blog post 'Spotlight on Success with Simply Put by Peta [here].

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