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It’s okay to slip up!

Back in December when I relaunched Daisy Designs, I had put a lot of effort into not only comprehending my business, target audience, and aesthetics but also strategising the initial content for the following months.

Since the launch, I have consistently shown up on my social media platforms three times a week, with the occasional reel sprinkled in as an extra post here and there. Yes, it’s true, I could be doing a lot more in terms of showing up in my stories, but I was feeling like I had it together.
As well as managing my socials and upgrading my website, I have been sending out a monthly email newsletter, sharing social tips and resources, and conducting interviews with previous clients to ensure that blog posts were ready for the beginning of each month.

At the end of February, I took a two-week trip, secure in the knowledge that my social media content was scheduled to post until a week after my return, providing a comfortable buffer.

During my 2 weeks away, I was lucky enough to see Taylor Swift (3 times I might add) in Sydney. This trip was then followed on by a week long trip to Tasmania with an exciting opportunity to be the official videographer for the Motherland conference. 2 very exciting weeks!

Here's where I slipped up!

Before departing, I was busy finalising a website update, prepping my social media, and organising equipment for my travels from Adelaide to Sydney and then to Tasmania. In the midst of it all, I overlooked a crucial step on my to-do list—the email newsletter!

What's more frustrating is that I had completed most of the majority of the work. My client write-up was approved and ready, social tips were crafted with a freebie, but I had neglected to create the blog post (this blog post) to kick off my newsletter. Additionally, I hadn't read as much in February, leading to fewer updates to share.

The key takeaway here is that you can't always juggle everything flawlessly. Despite having a well-prepared list and a clear roadmap, unexpected opportunities or obstacles can arise. My trip to Tasmania, getting to capture Motherland’s inaugural event was a huge opportunity for me and Daisy Designs. I learnt a lot and can’t wait to be able to share the final clip from the conference.

Here’s the lesson.

Sometimes things come along and disrupt our path. This can be good or bad. In my case, it was a good distribution! It was also one I had known about in advance, I just hadn’t anticipated what the work load would be in reality. I also assumed I would have more time in Sydney but hey, thats okay too. I was able to catch up on my 9-5 work during the day and family friends on the evenings who I was staying with and haven’t seen in quite some time! And of course when the tickets to see Taylor Swift again night 4 came, I obviously jumped at the chance!

Occasional disruptions are inevitable, and they can lead to both challenges and unexpected rewards. While my newsletter was delayed, it did eventually go out—a reminder that there are no failures, only lessons to be learnt. Don’t let one slip stop you from getting back on your path. Embrace the detours, you never know, they may lead to something great that you hadn’t event planned for yet!

Keep going, we got this!

Emma x

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